oQO art

Sophie - oQO art creator.jpg

oQO hits, it's round, meaningless and free of your own imagination.

A signature, more a recognizable visual and a very personal reading.

In my oQO art creations there is something instinctive. What moves me is the raw, the mineral, the organic, which has not been shaped or by nature.

My approach is free, candid and spontaneous.

I grant myself a breathing with stoneware, together we test our moving limits to create objects that I wish elegant to look at and also to touch.

My small production is the result of a long creative process.

From a stoneware bread to a salad bowl, a jewel or a wall artwork, I question my craftsman's gesture at each step : the choice to shape without a wheel, recycle ceramic fragments, use very little water...

By intervening as little and as well as possible in my creations, I try to understand all the variability that the chemical process of binding few raw materials offers.

If tradition does not seem to be the right word to describe my practice, I'm however in search of the fundamentals of our heritage.